4 rules of love and relationship

by admin

1-If you love someone let hem do what they want

If you love a person should you let them do what they want to do or should they do what you want them to do , most people love means you must do what I want  , No love means they can do what they want and we will love them isn’t it , You have this thing that if I love you , you must listen to me No if I love you I want you to do what brings joy to you isn’t it?

2- Relationship is never absolute it is always available

Every person gets little romantic believes that is going to be an absolute relationship there is no such thing about it, a relationship is a variable always you have to conduct it on a daily basis one day if you don’t conduct it properly it may go somewhere , no please look at it as it is you have to conduct it right so no I am doing my best obviously somebody feels your best is not good enough for them.

Now I want you to come to terms with this , this is not about I am not saying what they’re doing is right or wrong that’s not for me to say all I ‘am saying is this , this is how human beings are functioning  for ages and still all I am saying  first of all you to understand relationships will never ever be absolute they will be variables that you it’s juggling

That you have to do if you are juggling with fire balls one sometimes it’ll spill out takes a lot of skill and attention you married many of you doesn’t it take lot of skill and attention if you don’t pay any attention you don’t know what the hell is happening it takes lot of attention isn’t it you  need to understand this a relationship is a variable reality it is not absolute reality

If you want to have absolute relationship you must hold relationships with the dead that’s the reason why a lot of people choose God because it’s an absolute because you can handle it which ever you want  if you didn’t think of him for 10 days and 11 day you think of him his still there you do that your husband or wife or something else will happen

You went away got busy forgot about God for three years again you can think still there so If you want to have an absolute relationship you must you should not choose human beings human relationships are variable needs a lot of attention

3- There is no right person on this planet

Let me tell you there is no right person on this planet  if you put your heart into something became wonderful is the right thing there is no right thing Nobody ever found the right person anywhere  if you get into that kind of unrealistic mindset that I have found a right person , you will be soon disappointed you must understand there is no right person

First thing is too see whether I am the right person , Am I the right person? There are no right people on this planet if you understand you have your nonsense they have that nonsense we cannot just nonsense nonsense , So yeah when you say love your experience of love means you feel certain sweetness of emotion within yourself either by looking at this person or this person

We don’t know who stimulates this in you it doesn’t matter who helped you but essentially it happened within you isn’t it? Yes did it happen only within you or was in the air , I am trying to clear this air  combination of what really it was in the air no it only happened within you.

4- Love is not external , it is just sweetness of your heart

Maybe what was happening within the new was so exuberant you saw you are in love you thought the flowers bloomed for you , birds are singing for you , the clouds are moving for you , alright I don’t want to destroy all the romance , but essentially it is happening within you it’s wonderful that you are experiencing such sweetness of emotion

Stimulated by somebody you are using the other person as a key to open up an experience within you essentially  I am asking you why are you using that key there is no lock when there is no door there’s no any kind of barrier it is just that there are two ways to enter  into a relationship

One way is because you want to extract something from somebody and another way is because you want to share something with somebody these are two ways if you are out to share your  life will be good if you are out to extract when they close the tap it’s going to get terrible and nasty you have seen people who thought their absolute lovers

How terrible it becomes for many of them not because there is anything  wrong with them simply because you started off on the wrong foot in thinking this person is the source of my joy no joy or misery source is within you yes or no whether it’s joy or misery the source is within you

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