Hey family!! today I am going to tell you about girls with whom please don’t ever come in relationship!! If you will come in relationship with them after 4-5 month you will definitely cry..

1- Don’t ever come in relationship with girl whom you don’t trust

If you come in relationship with girl  on which you don’t trust , Even  if relationship is too big Or good , your relationship will never work. As same if girl doesn’t have trust on you relationship will not work. As relationship works only on trust..

2- Who gives more importance to her male friends than you

If you come in relationship with a girl who gives more importance to her male friend then boy friend then also relationship will not work , I m not saying that girl don’t have male friends, but if you are her boyfriend it’s important that she give you more importance , If she is not giving you more importance this is not good, After some time you will get to know that her male friend whom she gives more importance is also her boyfriend

3- Who argue/ fight with you even after her fault only

Good person is who accept his/her mistake and apologies, lets assume sometime Ego comes on between or such situation comes where we cant apologise its ok  In some cases, I have seen many girls argues/fight on their own fault  With you and stop talking to you .After 4-5 day when there is no conversation between you and her . You will go to her to talk and apologies-your mistakes..

4-The one who dominates you

If you come in relationship with a girl , As in front of her you scare to say a single word ,You scare that she will stop talking to you, whose have whole control on you Get rid off from these type of relationship ASAP, love only can be done in equality , equality in emotion, equality in mental level..

5- Don’t come in relationship with girl who demands for gifts

Please don’t ever come in relationship with these type of girl Who demands for gifts , who demands for recharge. Girlfriend should be like this for whom you buy gift by own and she says no i don’t want gift, i just want your care anD you love and loyalty, Other case in which girl say please buy this for me and all, don’t ever Buy this for her if you will buy then you will Remain her Atm only..

6–If girl lies all the time

If girl lies and you get to know that she is lying just get out of that relationship, in relationship to hide things , to say lie every time, its’s just slowly finishes trust first and after sometime it finishes relationship ,these type Of relationship gives mentally torture , hurt because you not able to trust again , you will remain worried all the time..

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