Today I am going to give you a very powerful manifestation technique. The technique is known as 555 Technique or ancient technique, This technique is very simple but power but at the same time its not a easy technique to apply, it requires lot of attention and focus so what this technique is all about? You just have to focus on one of your desire , in this technique you cannot focus on many desire so first choose one of your desire that you want to manifest or one of your desire you are working on from some time

Once you have clearity of that desire than frame that outcome or manifestation that you want in one sentence like you can say that you are manifesting your dream car or manifesting a dream job like this you have to create that one sentence for your desire it doesn’t matter how long or how short it is if you keep it short it will be easier for you to do this technique.

Once you are cleared that is the desire you want then next thing you need is your journal so you must be having a journal I believe and take your journal and write this desire or wish you have in present tense you are manifesting this moment and write this statement again and again and again 55 times that is why it is 555 technique so you have to write your desire 55 times  so that is the first 55 and next you are going to repeat this technique continuously for 5 days  so 55 times everyday you will write it and you will repeat consecutively for 5 days

Then it become 555 technique , this seems to be very simple technique, its one of the easiest technique that you can apply but there are some key that you need to understand and once you understand those key and how to do it and exactly it to be done and what mistakes you should not do so that you get maximum out of these technique so first let me give spiritual inside why this 55 and 5 ?

This is a spiritual practice followed by some rituals so the number 55 is considered as to be the number of personal power when you focus on the 55 numbers it will automatically raise your vibrations and it will create surge of energy within you and then you repeat it for 5 days ,  so the last 5 signifies the 5 elements so basically 5 elements are the key constituent of the nature so when you use this 55 5 technique its like you are merging your personal power with the 5 elements or the forces of nature

Which means you are awakening your personal power to a highest level by writing it 55 times and then you are seeking help and support  from the forces of nature which is the law of attraction to help you to manifest it, this is the spiritual significant to this ritual or manifestation technique 55 5  , Now whether you follow this spiritual significant or not, signification or ritual is programming your subconscious mind because when you write something 55 times consistently you are focusing on it

You are consciously or subconsciously focusing on that desire and you are writing it again and again so it going deep down inside your subconscious mind and when you do it  for 5 days it get strengthen and engraved inside your subconscious mind and then you start taking the inspiration then you believe stronger and your vibration higher and then manifestation start happening , This a very powerful technique you don’t have to don any thing just take journal and write one wish for 55 times and you have to do it  for 5 days

But as simple as it seems is not that easy because many people struggle to write their wish 55 times and that is where they struggle , Here are the key things you must remember to make the most out of this manifestation , Key thing that you have to remember is you have to this technique consecutively for 5 days you cannot break the flow, if you break the flow then it won’t create that maximum impact on your manifestation process so once you start this it means you have to it for 5 consecutive days its most important point

If you do it for two days and stop doing it for 2 days and then trying to continue for 3 days it will not going to work this is the first thing you have to remember ,Now writing your goals for 55 times you have to write it in present tense as if you are manifesting it as if you are having it right now Eg-: I am manifesting my new car or I am manifesting my dream car or if you are healing a relationship you can write it as – I am having a happy and joyful relationship with his or her name

If you are trying to manifest a new soul mate you can write I am happily and joyfully manifesting my new soulmate you can write like I am having , or I am achieving or I am manifesting , choose the statement and repeat it 55 times now while writing this 55 times its to be heavy task for many people, you do not have to give break while writing it for 55 times but yes you can 5- 10 minutes break in between so that you do not push yourself very hard but key is you cant carry over statement to next day it doesn’t work if you just write for 20 times today and rest of 35 times tomorrow , you have complete 55 times today itself

It doesn’t work if you write 5 times in morning and 5 time in evening you have to allocate time you give yourself a time 30 minutes depend upon your writing skills, the most important you have to write it on journal with a pen or pencil it doesn’t work if you type in laptop and then do copy paste its not going to create any impact is why when we are writing we involve all cells and tissue , there is energy that flows inside our body when we writing You cannot do  it in multiple session you have to do it in single session but in between this session you can take 5 – 10 minute break to relax yourself

What is the best time to do this technique?

You can do it at night before going to sleep at that time no one will disturb you or you can do it in the morning if you are morning person you wake up early you take that journal and start writing that is the best way or you are a person who cannot do it in morning or at night or you have time after your office hour after that you can do it, timing is not critical in this process, make sure when you do this you are alone and no one should disturb you no one should distract you

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