When you say love, your experience of love means , you feel certain sweetness of emotion within yourself , either by looking at this person , of this person or this person , we don’t know who stimulates this in your it doesn’t matter who helped you. But essentially it happened within you, isn’t it?

Yes? Did it happen only within you or was it in the air? Combination of both, really? It was in the air? No. it only happened within you, Maybe what was happening within you was so exuberant , you saw it everywhere, you are in love , you thought the flowers bloomed for you, the birds are singing for you, The clouds are moving for you hmm?

All right. But essentially it only happens only within you , it’s wonderful that you are experiencing such sweetness of emotion, stimulated by somebody you are using the other person as a key to open up an experience within  you essentially. I am asking why are you using a key, when there is no lock, when there is door, when there is no any kind of barrier?

It is just that you are push-start machine , you know what is push-start machine? If you have owned an ambassador, twenty five years ago, always you parked it on a gradient like this , because morning two people have to push it, yes. If you park it like this, Nobody will come. Your family will not come out of the house, if it is like this , somebody will come and push it.

Now all the cars are self -start, many of them are remote start,  what does it mean? Technological upgradation! You are an institute of technology , all right? I am asking , would you like to upgrade your technology that you are on self start? If you wake up in the morning ,you are overflowing with joy and love and exuberance, by yourself.

You don’t need anybody to stimulates you, would you like to be self start machine? Whoever is right now doing the love in air it’s fine with them, you don’t have to tell them anything you say, “all right, it’s okay” But it’s very important you are a self start machine Otherwise , after sometime, you try to extract happiness from the other person.

That is when these love affairs become Tedious and horrible, Because you are trying to extract happiness from other person ,No. life should be like this , when it comes to joy, when it comes to love , when it comes to exuberance of life, you must be the source of this, isn’t it? Body needs a hate understandable. Maybe psychologically also you need a mate, understandable.

Emotionally you need a mate, so soul doesn’t need a mate nor was some person made perfectly for you, Okay? If you invest a deep sense of involvement, something wonderful may happen, It’s because of your involvement , not because other person is fantastic ,No. even if you choose a fool, Actually it’s easy that way.

If they are not stupid why would they come to you first of all? So even if you choose a fool it doesn’t matter if you involve, it can turn out very beautiful, you chose the smartest person in the universe, it could be a disaster so do not think in terms of, whatever  this made for each other nonsense, No you choose the opposite actually but after sometime.

After a little bit of time, you slowly start expecting they are just like you. This is serious mistake, because if one more person becomes just like you , you won’t be able to bear with them for two days. Nobody is like you and that’s good. Don’t look for sameness not necessary because of the difference you tangle, not otherwise

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