It’s feels good when you seek attention, but when it’s comes to appearance it doesn’t help for attraction. To get people around and be a person who is like magnetic to the other people then you need to be real and yeah…. simply be more realistic person, attractive person are those who actually represent themselves simply.

Here are 7 Best Ways To Be Attractive Person

  1. Be realistic.
  2. Talk with purpose.
  3. Listen.
  4. Laugh.
  5. Smile
  6. Look people into their eyes.
  7. Do not complain.
  1. Be realistic. 

People actually show up fake accents and put a lot of effort  to present themselves which doesn’t helps at all, people really need to stop this showing off and making people to show how branded labels of clothing doesn’t give you any attractiveness, be the one you already are, be the one that express you more about yourself.

2.  Talk with purpose.

Let’s say person talking without a purpose is not attractive,  have a purpose before encountering to the other person then. Senseless and small talks doesn’t help at all to be attractive. Be more of gentle and have a purpose for your each word giving them a signal that you are not the one who want to waste time. This will increase the rate of attractiveness within you.

3.  Listen.

It’s good to know about the person if you wanna feel  magnetic around. If you are engaging a talk with a person then you need to respect others thoughts and their sayings. This will make them you actually care and make them feel comfortable with you in a certain way, listening plays a intense role in a conversation this will make your conversation more interesting and fun.

4.  Laugh.

People notice the person who is happy instead of unhappy one. If you are having conversation with the person then it’s make them feel good if you laughed and make small compliments on their saying. This very thing will make you magnetic around and you can also gather others attention with this kinda simple laughing move conversation.

5.  Smile.

Those people who smile often gets attention from other  people. Smiling gives you confidence. It gives your face glow and makes you bold. Smiling people are good to hang around with. If you are going to start any conversation, go forward and start with a good smiling face and see what triggers in the conversation. Smiling is essential for being attractive and makes you unique from others group.

6. Look people into their eyes.

You cannot show your interest in conversation without  looking into eyes of a person. Best ways to boosting the confidence and ability to seek more interest in the conversation by just having eye contact. You can actually practice it in house by looking at the mirror and making your self as practice, this way you will be better in eye contacting in no time. 

7. Do not complain. 

Do not complain it just makes people irritated around when you make fuss about  everything. It’s ok to relax and chill let go the time where it goes. Not complaining will makes you the person whom people ask you about to go out with. In the second other hand, if you were complaining person then people will less recognise you and eventually make make you less attractive. So, be the one who is relaxed.

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