Today I am going to give you very powerful & magical technique and process to heal your life and to heal your relationship , remove negativity and create a magical transformation in your life and technique or process is called Ho’oponopono technique this is very interesting technique or process I will explain you What this technique is about ? How powerful it is ? How can you use it in your life and in your manifestation process.

This technique is Ho’oponopono technique it is a very wonderful technique it is a very powerful technique and specially this technique works and to be used by people who are struggling a lot emotionally , Many of you have been doing affirmation , you have been trying many techniques but there a lot of negativity within you, you are doing but most of the time you feel sad feel depressed, you feel like nothing is working for you and you keep doubting yourself if you are facing this kind of issue then this technique is really powerful and you must start using it from right now

Let me tell you how I came to know about this technique from Joe Vitale who was featured teacher on bool secret or movie sticker and he has written wonderful books I love to read many of his books and I was inspired by him . In one of his book zero limit he talked about this particular technique and he introduce a person who is pioneer in particular technique Ho’oponopono , and his name is Dr Hew Len , he was the pioneer in this technique its very old and ancient technique

It is also called Hawaiian healing technique , it can heal any thing specially emotionally and mentally trauma , and mental and emotional baggage’s it can heal joyfully or quickly , Dr hew lens started doing this technique for other inmates . This process works for other people also you can do it for close family member your partner if you have a broken relationship you can do for the person,

When Dr. Hew started doing this process the people around him they started feeling positive vibes, then they started seeing changes and over 3 -4 years he taught this particular mantra or this prayer to almost all the inmate , to almost all the staff member and every on got healed so beautifully that all the inmates or all the mentally challenged people who were living in that mental institution got perfectly fined and all of them got discharged and they went back to their own family

He healed  everyone in such a powerful way so that all the inmates , all the mentally challenged people or people going from so much of trauma they got healed and they went back to home and started living  a comfortable life joyful life so this is the powerful story , So what is this process all about this technique is very simple Ho’oponopono technique , this technique is  only of four phrases, or four sentences or you can say four common prayer

And all of you know this prayer , all of you know this phrases only thing is that when you do all this 4 phrases together like prayer with feeling, deep energy it has some magical or mystical power to heal you and heal your life and heal the people around you so this 4 phrases or statement or prayer are ,

The first one is I am sorry , second one is please forgive me , the third one is thank you , and the fourth one is I love you these are just four statement all of you k now this, this seems to be the simplest phrases. But these have maximum power and that is what in Hawai for so many years and now many people are using it to heal their livese and there relationship and everything is working beautifully

It is the simplest but one of the most powerful technique but the key is when youq say this 4 phrases in a continuous cycle for sometime maybe for 5 minutes or 10 minutes and you focus on the energy , the feelings you can awaken some positivity within you , you will able to heal your life and relationship and every thing so beautifully

Who should use this technique on a daily basis specially people going through lot of emotional or mental pain, people going through lot of negativity, inspite of doing meditation or affirmation or not able to feel positive most of the time or people who are going through depression and not able to feel positive most of the time or if you are going through very difficult relationship it seems almost impossible that you are not able to heal relationship

If you are surrounded by negative people too many of negative people , may be at your home or work place then this technique is must for you and everyday you should spend atleast 5 minutes to repeat this prayer again and again with feelings so that you raise your vibration and whenever possible during the day when ever you feel to recall just say it

How to do it ? you can say it loud , you can say it by closing your eyes or even you can write it in your journal like a prayer maybe 20 -35 times so that you get into a  momentum you get into the flow why this technique is very power? Because in  life when you go through negativity sometime you make mistake by yourself some time other people make mistake sometime you do the wrong thing with your action or sometime you do wrong thing with your thought

So when you say I am sorry it means that you are accepting  something wrong have done and next when you are saying please forgive me , you are seeking forgiveness that yes done have something wrong and when you say thank you , you believe that you are forgiven , now you are saying I love you means you are expressing your gratitude and then you are giving your positive energy in the purest form of love!! That’s it

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