How casual relationship affects you?

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Can I tell you a joke ? There was one Mrs. Bhatia who was having her 50th  wedding anniversary. They had a wedding anniversary and next day she filed a divorce , the judge saw the divorce petition , he was also a good family friend so he called her and he said “ Why you want to Divorce your husband? He’s such a sweet little thing.

Why do you want to divorce him? On what grounds you want to divorce with him? She said “He has not been faithful to me, he’s has been cheating me” How do you come to this conclusions, just yesterday  you had your 50th  wedding anniversary, You were fine yesterday, how do you conclude this?

I got little nostalgic and started flipping through the photo album , then I saw none of my 5 children resemble him. So see right now , do you remember how your great, great , great grandmother ten generations ago looked like? You don’t ? But her nose is sitting on your face right now , your body remember yes or no?

Your body remembers even the skin tone of your forefathers a million years ago , it still remembers , not forgotten. So what you’re calling as my body is an enormous amount of memory , isn’t it? What you carry in your brain as memory is minuscle, what you carry in your body- there is evolutionary memory

There is genetic memory , there is karmic memory there are articulate and inarticulate levels of memory there is so much memory , you think you know how to walk right now please understand only because your body has built up that memory if your body forgets you won’t be able to walk so the amount of memory for every simple thing that you do

You know what to eat ,how to eat , you must put it in your mouth not in your ears this may look funny but you would not know if you don’t remember so your body is a repository of tremendous amount of memory and its picking up all the time , if you walk from here to here there maybe 50 different kind of mild smells, you may not consciously notice but body is picking it up and it recognizes.

All the time it’s recognizing that’s how you know what is good smell , what is bad smell , this is the smell that is the.. you recognize different aspects of sound , smell this that because of constant recognition is happening , So this body memory traditionally in this culture we called this Runanubandha. That means physical memory that you build.

You can either consciously build your physical memory or  you can simply take in wild amount of memory and go through lots of physical confusion , so wherever there is impact, I don’t know if you still have these things maybe in your generation is gone , but still there will be people in Bangalore city

If you ask them to.. If you try to give them salt, they won’t take it they’ll say, “Keep it there.” Hmm? If you try to give them sesame seeds, they will say, “Please , keep it there.” Because they have recognized many substances which can easily carry your memory and it will become mine if I take it , So I don’t want to take in memory

This is the reason why generally in this culture , touching each other, shaking hands, these things are avoided , we touch our own two hands and do the Namaskar because we don’t want to go on picking up memory, Because if I as much as touch this , this memory it remembers , you try with 4 of your friends , you touch their hands.

Don’t try to consciously remember every day touch their hands , forget about it, Tomorrow if that person comes and touches you, you know it’s this hand , isn’t it? So the body remembers, it’s not the mind , the physical body remembers this is called as Runanubandha. When there is a sexual interaction or there is any kind of intimacy which involves thought, emotion and body.

The amount of memory that is left in your system is very big , It is from the context, they said , “ You must keep this as simple as possible” There are other suspects where , in certain tantric process and all they are involving , they are preparing themselves for years to distance themselves from the body in such a way.

That the body doesn’t pickup anything from anywhere , this is being done like a sadhana , not as sexual promiscuity, So this question is not of morality the question is of what is it you want to do with yourself in your life , if you want to be in such way that in your life , your inner intelligence will be the most dominant thing in your life , not your physical body.

Then you must keep the body’s memory as simple as possible , this is why simple type of food , you know people go into very simple kind of food not complicated , Even now , I eat one meal a day , and I eat only one item in the meal , I won’t eat ten. I may eat all of those things another day , but today I’ll eat only one item because it makes a huge..

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