How to Deal with break-up

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Breakup is the worst phase in any relationship. Whether your relationship lasted for months or for years breakup can leave a really bad impact in your life.It affects your personal as well as social life.Breakup makes you mentally as well as physically ill.At some phase people got irritated ,lost, people feel alone and wanna end up cause this thing become toxic.Negativity takes place in mind and make people depressed.Losing people someone you love so deeply is really a bad phase of your life.

As different people have different healing powers like some people got over of it easily but some people got stuck in that phase as their life stop there and they make themselves stuck in their past and don’t wanna move on .Being stuck on a place is really a bad idea cause you only have this life if one relationship doesn’t work then it doesn’t mean that you have nothing left in your life.

Don’t be like I have nothing left, I’m totally finished now.You have long way to go and definitely a heart break can’t decide your future.You should have to accept the fact that your partner left you.Now both of you are separated try to accept this fact.From now on you two have different way to go .Don’t try to make yourself belive that you were wrong or you were the reason for your heart break or for your breakup.

As there are many reasons for breakup like someone got cheated by their partner or someone got dump because their partner want to focus on his/her career rather than relationship, somepeople faces heart break cause their partner doesn’t give them time, some people faces heart break cause there is difference in thoughts in between their partner.

So, there is many reason for breakup and not all the time breakup leave bad impact on your life sometimes it could be good for you like if you are in a toxic relationship like you and your partner have daily fight because of silly things then it’s better to move on ,and it is better for both of you .

Streaching a relationship or holding on someone who is not meant for you or who doesn’t deserve you is only gives you pain, you are not gonna get anything else rather than pain , depression , anxiety, irritation ,etc if you strech a relationship .Some people didn’t get over the fact that their partner dump them or their partner had moved on.

After the heart break they become silent.People make themself away from everyone whether they are their family or friends.They want to spend more time alone and spending time alone makes them think about those things which is somehow makes them regret about their past decision like why they choose that person or like why they fail in relationship,they tried to figure out the resons why this thing happened,what is his/her mistake,etc.

Even some People start blaming themself for their failed relationship and some people create their own scenario like everyone is cheater ,nobody understand them, after breakup because their partner dump them .After breakup due to loneliness some people become overthinker and this overthinking really kills you from inside.They think that everyone is same and loss the trust on people.They cutoff themself from friend and family and went into depression phase.

Breakup leaves a different impact on different kinds of people.If you didn’t talk about the things which is going on with you then you only get loneliness and due to loneliness you start losing faith on people as you think that klnobody understand your point , nobody wanna hear your story but in general you are the one who don’t wanna share the things which is going with you, you make yourself alone nobody leaves you.Just because of one person people start treating everyone the same way, they don’t wanna believe anyone again as they have fear of heart break,they don’t wanna fall in love again cause they have fear of losing people.

Breakup is not something permanent ,don’t make it permanent ,it’s just a part.Accept it and move on. You’re going to heal with it in some time.
Don’t deny the fact try to accept it and make it a part of your life.Try to convience yourself that it’s just a chapter of a book this is not the whole book .Your story is incomplete without your involvement so try to spend your time in making yourself better, and try to create a best version of you.

  • So ,talking on the point how to deal with breakup here are few things that you should do and you shouldn’t .
  • 1) Try to talk about the things which is running in your mind.
  • 2) Share your story with your friends and family.
  • 3) Don’t blame yourself for failing in relationship just think that it is not meant for you.
  • 4) Don’t regret about your decision
  • 5) Stay away from negativity.
  • 6) Don’t cutoff yourself from your friends and family.
  • 7) Don’t become silent enjoy your life as you enjoy before your breakup
  • 8) Accept the fact don’t deny it.
  • 9) Leave the things in the past don’t hold it.
  • 10) Live in present it’s just your past forget it.
  • 10) Don’t forget to love yourself.
  • 11) Don’t make yourself alone.
  • 12) Tell yourself it’s ok I deserve someone better.
  • 13) Spend your time with friends and family.
  • 14) Don’t waste your time in crying the thing which is gone is gone.
  • 15) Don’t create your own scenario,there are many people who really care for you.
  • 16) Don’t rush into a relationship just because you need somebody to talk.
  • 17) Pen down your thoughts it may help you.
  • 18) Don’t let negative thoughts decide what you should do and what you shouldn’t.
  • 19) Try to find your happiness
  • 20) Follow the moto Live, Love and Laugh.

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