How to deal with Insecurities?

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Life is insecure, there is no security about life because ..Shall I reveal secret to you? However young and healthy you are , you are going to die one day , I‘ll bless you with a long life but you will die one day .Is it okay? So you can die joyfully or you can drying , it’s up to you, but anyway you will die one day. Yes or no?

If you say I don’t want to die , today you start the chanting ,”I don’t want to die, All that’ll happen is you will not live , but you will die, yes? The fear I don’t want to die, will make you not live , but it will not make you not die, anyway you will die,

Coming to terms with mortality , is one very important thing, if you don’t come to terms with mortality , you ‘re living in a fancy world of unreal world, not in the real world, the real world is we come and go , So many countless number of people have come and gone before us, isn’t it? The  soil that you are working upon , we don’t know how many people are buried . Yes or no?

All these countless people, number of people who walk this planet before you and me, where are they ? They’re all top soil , Yes or no? And there .. have been certain instances. This happened there was an old couple in Texas , over seventy- five years of age, It was their dream to go to the holy land or The Jerusalem.

But because of business and children , children growing up, going to the university and, their marriages , they never made it, When they’re over seventy-five years of age , they’ve made the trip to Jerusalem, Jerusalem is a place where every cobblestone reeks of history . So they walked that pathway where Jesus is supposed to have walked,

They went to that place where je’s supposed to have walked on the water and many things like this, they were over whelmed by this whole experience and unfortunately the lady had a heart attack and she died, Then the man was preparing to take her body back to Texas . But then the local people approached and said, See Jerusalem is the holy land , this the right place to die.

She has done the right thing . So let’s do all the rituals here and bury her here , and its just costs you, twenty-five thousand dollars , Because if you take her back to Texas just the transportation cost is 18 thousand dollars, And local charges and in America the cemetery charges are very heavy, all these put together , you will spend much more money

And above all she has chosen to die in the holy land , this is where she must be buried . Let’s do it. The man said no “ I’m taking her back to Texas” They said, “See you are very distressed because of your wife’s death, You are not able to think straight , we can  understand so we will give you a super discount , fifteen thousand dollars,

This is a haggling place, you know “ Let’s do it!” The man thought about it and he said , No I will take her back to Texas , then they said , “See , doesn’t ,make sense . I can see you are very distressed . You  lost your wife of 45 years, So obviously you are very distressed you ‘re not thinking straight at all, we can understand this , just because of that , you are an American and you are from Texas

So we give you an absolute super discount of 10 thousand dollars let’s do it, Then the man thought about it and he said “No, I am taking her back to Texas , And they threw their hands up and said , Why ? What’s the problem with you? Ten thousand dollar let’s do it, He said “ in Texas dead stay dead”

So if you come to terms with your mortality , security , insecurity all these things will go, You are living on a daily basis , as if you are forever , the fundamental awareness that this is mortal , This is here only for limited amount of time , If this was a regul.. you know, a normal things for you, You would put your life to best use, for sure

And if you come to terms that one thing , there would be no insecurity because there’s nothing to gain  in life , nothing to else in this life, You came with nothing , whatever the hell is happening , you are on the profit side , Whatever the hell is happening you are on the profit side isn’t it so?

Did you come with investment? No you come with nothing , So whatever the hell is happening , you are always on the profit side isn’t it? And anyway they don’t allow you to take a container In the end, So all you have is, how profound , intense and beautiful is you experience of life.

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