Today i am going to tell you a power full “Totka” from which you can get your love back in your life , Why your loved ones distanced them selves with you? This only happen when they start loosing interest in you or any third person come in between two of you , to solve this problem we are going to discuss How to get lost love back by Vashi karan ?

Before we get started , we need 4-5 pin , Sindoor, Red marker and lemon , you will definitely get rid of this problem while sitting in home ,I think you are excited to know How to get lost love back by Vashi Karan ? Do not skip any line i don’t want that you miss any line so Totka remains incomplete , You can only do this Totka on Wednesday or Saturday in evening between 6:00 P.m to 10:00 P.m

You need to sit on red carpet , after that you have to collect all materials required in front of you, First thing you have to do is take lemon and marker , and with marker write name of your lover on lemon and just opposite side of lemon write your name over it and make sign of + between the name of two from both side and write mantra over it “मम वश्यम भवंति स्वह:” chant this Mantra 8 times

Then take one pin and dip it to sindoor powder from tip and put inside lemon where you had written name of your loved one , similarly take another pin dip into sindoor power from tip and and insert it in lemon where you had written your name and now insert ‘ third and fourth’ pin in lemon like before you had done with two pins this time while inserting pin Chant a Mantra “मम वश्यम भवंति स्वह:” for single time.

Now take small quantity of sindoor in your hand and keep lemon on paper and now chant a Mantra “ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्राय सर्वजगमोहन कुरु कुरु स्वाह:” and slowly drop sindoor on lemon while chanting a mantra 108 times , If your partner lives near you within area of 1 km where he or she comes every day just move that lemon around yourself for seven times and keep that lemon on that area or if he or she lives in foreign just move lemon around your self for seven time and flow down it into running river or sea .

After doing this you will see that your lover will contact you as soon as possible, now your relationship will go far better then before

How to Get your love back by Quantum jumping

Today i am going to give you most power ful technique you can call it as Quantum jumping technique also known as Dimensional jumping What is it mean? It means you are at one state/ dimension and you are jumping from one dimension to other dimension , this is very age old technique of subconscious mind programming.

You must have seen in many religious practices whether its hinduism whether its christianity , etc when they do rituals they involve water why they do this? Because water is memory, when you set some intention in water , water has the power to carry that intention and when you do this process you have some certain intention which goes to your subconscious mind.

If intention is really strong, then manifestation works like a charm . What you have to do is ,so first take two empty glass or you can use two cups, if you don’t have crystal clear glass you can use paper cups or metal glasses , it would be fine not a big deal , You need two glasses and a post it pad , or you can just cut a piece of paper or just get a glue stick.

What we are going to do is? In Quantum Jumping , We are going to jump from one dimension to another dimension, Name both glass one as present dimension and other one as desired dimension , consider one glass as your current state so what you are going to do is you are going to use the memory of water, pour some water in one glass , which you named as present dimension , it is not necessary to full the glass

Fill the glass with water. So this is your current state, when you start this process you have to choose one desire that you want to manifest because you are going to do it for the first time so just choose one desire and be specific what you want , be specific for what you going to manifest, first think about your current situation for eg:- you are going to manifest a job ,so what is your current situation?

It means you are unemployed or you are working in unhappy job or you are going through toxic relation ship or broken relationship or suppose you are trying to manifest soulmate your current situation is being single. Take a note it pad , you are going to write your current state not more than 3 words for eg:- some of you are trying to heal your relationship or trying to heal your broken relationship

Here is an eg:- if you are going to heal your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife .Manifesting a phone call or text , so you will write your current state – broken relationship same way for job you can write unemployed take that paper and stick it on glass that you have designated for current situation, Now on other glass you are going to stick a paper with desired state what do you desire an happy and loving relationship

If you want you can writer your person name in both state like broken relationship- your person name same in desired state healthy relationship with- your person name now take the paper and just stick it on the glass that you have designated for desired state this is going to be your desired outcome

Now hold the glass of water – current state one, look at water and think about your current situation how it feels like being unemployed or having broken relationship think about all the pain or difficulty you are having with the person or in job think about it intensely for a minute or two holding a glass in your hand think about it so that intention will go towards water once you are done with this now its time for Quantum jumping or transformation

How you are going to do it? Transfer water from your current state glass to desired state glass slowly while pouring this water you have to think that transition is happening. Now we are going to do the main step of process till now your current situation was there this is about programming the sub conscious mind , Most people who are not getting result from this powerful technique because this is where they are making mistake in main process,

now hold this water now you know the desired outcome that your happy and joy relationship or you are employed now hold this water intensely and think about the way about your desired outcome will be, forget about how forget about when, forget about how its going to be happen just jump into moment when you are having joyful relationship or you are employed

Feel like it means to be your loving relationship, how it feels like how joyful it would be how magical it would be how happy you will be and how much of you will going to experience single day how magical it would be spending time with that person how magical it would be going on dates how magical it will be to being together think about it intensely give yourself 2-3 minutes of time not less then two minutes,

Hold it for two minutes even if you can go up for 5 minutes think about it when relationship will be joy and happy or when you get employed you think so intensely that you start having smile on your face because in that state your current situation will transfer to desired state and water memory get revised its the revision of memory. Let the intention go inside first glass of water now you have glass of water in your hand and you are revising it

Think about the joyful relationship think about the job , think about the money think about what ever you desired to manifest think about it intensely for three minutes at-least , let smile come on your face let your soul be happy let your body be joyful after that drink that water and while drinking it keep saying in mind “its done” for 5-6 times , this technique will surely work and share your experience !!

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