If you are blocked by someone you loved , may be your friend , your lover or someone closed to you on WhatsApp ,Facebook, Instagram or some other social media communication platform . Today i am going to give you technique , How to get unblocked by someone specific by Manifestation?

Many of you are facing this problem that you have been blocked by best friend or a close friend or boyfriend or girlfriend we had a bad fight or we have miss communication that the person has blocked me on WhatsApp on Facebook , or any other social media platform so how you can do this? How you can do manifestation technique to getting unblocked by someone ? And how you can communicate this person again? Is it possible? Yes you can

So you need to understand that if you have been blocked by someone, why you have been blocked? Definitely there was some fight or miscommunication or something went wrong between between you two people whether person is your best friend , close friend , boyfriend or girlfriend or your lover. the person you blocked you means he or she is getting lot of negativity about you or about the situation and what you are doing wrong is you have must communicate with this person to make the relationship better but continuously you are doing two things wrong

One is you are very very upset about the person who blocked you , so you are upset about it so you are also adding more and more negativity to it and then you are keep talking to yourself or keep telling your closed one around that he |or she has blocked me in both the stage what is happening is your focus is on verb “Blocked” so the  more you are focussing the more you are staying blocked

Remember where ever your intentions goes there the energy flows that is the code of law of attraction , you are focusing on being blocked ! being blocked ! being blocked ! then you will stay blocked if you are unhappy for what is happening? Then you are attracting more of unhappiness how can you be manifesting something positive so if you are doing this two mistakes stop doing it stop talking about  you have been blocked by this person stop telling anyone including yourself

Stop being sad or unhappy because being sad or unhappy you are not going to manifest it, remember you just don’t want to be unblocked by this person , you want to communicate positively again with  this person lovingly or friendly, whatever the equation in relationship is you just want to restart the communication with this person that is the key isn’t it that’s the truth so why you want to restart the communication, restarting the communication or talking to the person again  it will make feel you happy

That is the thing you want to experience happiness so you have to focus on end goal that yes you are getting message or call or communication from this person and that is what making both of us feel happy , connecting again that is where focus should be, not that current situation of the person has blocked you. So this is where you are doing the mistake, if you want to get unblocked don’t focus on being blocked , focus on how you want to communicate with this person ,  How you want this person to call you or text you it means if they are calling you or texting you it means they are unblocking you.

Unblock is the part of the process, its not the ultimate goal , you don’t want person to unblocked when you keep changing status that’s not ultimate desire, if this is an eye opener for you this is something for you ,  what is you going to this  from right now you focus on having positive conversation whether the person is calling you or texting you or you are calling them or talking to them , very joyful experience

That should be the outcome ad now just relax yourself feel positive and then think about this person is calling you and you are having a positive and happy conversation and they are texting you and you having a beautiful conversation .So dual on that visual , dual on that dream for at least 15 minutes until you feel happy or joyful if you will really do it with lot of positivity you will definitely get unblocked or manifest a call or manifest a message from that person within 24- 48 hours

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