If you really want to know how you can get your love back in your life. Then you can possible do that by chanting a Mantra or using Totka..By doing this you can easily get back someone in your life

What is Black Magic ?

Whenever you listen about black magic , First thing that clicks in your mind is West Bengal , Not only in India most use of black magic is done in Africa , It is also known as “Wudu” in Africa and it’s main feature are used body parts of animals and Mannequin .. Basically black magic is kind of evil magic performed by black magic specialist

How you can get your love back by black magic?

First of you all need a (Supaari) or you can say coconut supaari , only made for offering to God . It is small in size , round in shape and intact. Buy that coconut supaari price is /-1 – 2 rs, On Tuesday swallow that supaari please remind of day , if you cannot swallow it intact or directly , swallow it with banana , Next day in morning when you go for “Poo” whole supari will come out , Its a stinky work, but for black magic or to get your love back through it you have to do it , Now take out supaari from that “Poo” wash it properly , make it dry and break it into small pieces and mix it into Any daal or sabji made in your house then just simply give it your husband /wife or boyfriend/ Girlfriend this will 100000 % work . The one is not even looking at you will work on your words

How to Attract your love through love spells?

For this we need a paper it can be in any colour but not in dark colour eg:- black ,etc, Now take a pen but it also not black in colour neither its ink nor its body keep a light colour. Then take a candle it can be in green, white or in pink colour , you can use lavender oil or rose oil or else you can use rose water too . Now light up your candle first, after that take lavender oil or rose oil or you can take rose water on your third finger and apply on all corner of paper that you had taken. We are applying this on 4 corners because it represents Fire, Air, Water , Earth .

Now the paper you had taken is protected from all 4 sides. Now it is pure manifestation paper which is blessed from universe also, Now what we have to do is with pen write full name of your “Ex”or “the person you want back in your life” 3 times and after that write your full name horizontally covering the name you had return before ,You have to write your name 7 times .

Now take a long breath think about your person whom you want to attract and pray to your Angel or God to help you to manifest it, After that where you had written your person name overwrite it with reconcile with me in a full circle without raising pen , After that rotate your paper over candle you lighten up 3 times and then pray to god that my wish get manifested as soon as possible ,

if you feel emotional while doing this i will be very good there are more chances you will manifest it faster . Now hold paper in your hand and fold it from your side and everyday before going to bed hold paper in your hand and pray to good to manifest it soon . After when you will manifest your wish , do not burn paper just flow it down in river or Nehar , It will work definitely

How to get you love back through Telepathy ?

Today i am going to give you a powerful technique to send telepathic message to someone you desire , Most of the people think that whether telepathy will work not. First you have to know What is Telepathy ? It is all about when you are in vibrational sync with someone else , where you feel or think some thing and that person also feels and think of same thing.

Same feelings or vibration at that point is said to be Telepathy . Now most of the people thinks that telepathy is something different or unique , answer is no . Today i am giving you the process where you going to apply a technique through which you test it and which will help you communicate with your loved ones in vibrational form.

Now how it works ?

Remember you are energy and every single person in your life is also energy though, every thing in universe is energy and when you have particular thought form in your mind and you hold it intensely , this form has a vibration to transmit and connect with that person , If you do it intentionally with strong feelings telepathy will connect you with their vibration and they also feel the same

Many times your loved one feel certain things and you feel it , Many times you are away from home and you feel like talking to your parents and sometimes you feel little worried or sometime you feel happy and you call them up and you realise they are planning something big for you and same way with your boyfriend/ girlfriend , husband/ wife that you have some plans in your mind and they also have same plan you are thinking about going for a movie or going to some particular places even before you shared or the moment you speak out they said same thing

It was happening unconsiously , today you are going to do it consciously, Now i want you to choose a person , specially a person who is very close to you like a loved ones may be a family member , a close friend or your boyfriend / girlfriend or husband / wife someone with you are sharing a strong bond and specially choose a person with whom you haven’t spoken from some time

What you can do , Today maybe at night before going to sleep or may be some time in day you relax yourself and first think about that person and remember some good time you had spent with that person like some fun time , happy time or joyful time this is to build the bonding between you and that person.

Think about some joyful time with that person , time when you both of had happy moments and then you can set this intention whether you ask a person to text you or call you or you can set a intention like you think about a plan that you want them to discuss with you and think about intensely may be you are going for holiday, going for vacation or going for a movie

First remember about that person and think about it intensely and happily for two – four minutes at-least for three minutes think about it and just release that thought ,Or if you want to talk about some particular topic you can think about it plan an idea in your mind that we gonna to speak within few hours or may be tomorrow and we are going to plan the vacation about this particular place

Amazing thing is, in most cases if your intentions are strong , if your energy is strong within just 24 hours you will get a message or a call from a particular person, in some cases it might take 48 hours but within 48 hours you will definitely get result and you are going to experience this power full telepathy

Take some time today first choose the thing you want to discuss , choose the person, sit comfortably and recall happy moments, be happy be joy full, so that bond between two of you get align then implant an idea about movie or about vacation or about something specific or some particular plan or reading a book or talking about a book think about it and just, release it in universe and be happy.

Don’t think about how its gonna happen , how its work just be happy in your way and Boom !!you gonna manifest it. When you get your telepathic message comeback and just share you experience with us ,try this powerful technique and get amaze by the way your mind works..

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