How to know if you are in toxic relationship?

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Toxic relationship 

It’s the relationship which doesn’t have any partner support and have conflicts or arguments occasionally in any situation in any topic than it’s a toxic relationship. There are arguably many things that makes any relationship in toxic one. 

The maker of any relationship in to toxic relationship are as follows :>

  1. Negative Financial Behaviour.
  2. Dishonesty.
  3. Lack of support.
  4. Certain patterns of disrespect.
  5. Decreasing the rate of time for partner
  6. Jealousy.
  7. Toxic communication.
  8. Controlling behaviour. 
  9. Lack of trust.
  10. Random conflict.
  • The  emerging of any toxic relationship is numbered in a serial way from beginning to the ending of a relationship every topic and every number is interconnected to each other in a certain way in a certain manner.
  1.   Negative Financial Behaviour.

It’s the first reason to make any relationship into toxic one. The expenditure of any couple and try to fill up the demand of a partner or to make them feel special takes money. That is the very thing that make the partner makes very stressed out and putting them into series of serious tension to arrange the money. That is what the beginning starts. 

2.    Dishonesty.

What is ultimate pleasure?

If there is no such a thing for financial behaviour then it’s  dishonesty that’s triggering the relationship. Partner often lie about their situation for not giving any kind of stress to the other partner but that’s the real issue here. Sometime partner do such things that partner don’t allow but they do it and lie and then it’s makes the beginning of dishonesty in relationship which will constantly cause the toxic relationship

3.    Lack of support.

Support in relationship makes relationship stronger in any case.Once there is dishonesty then there will be lack of lack of support too. Eventually the partner would find about the dishonesty and make them into very word called toxic partner, the support will fade out and make them into questioning machine.

4.    Certain patterns of disrespect.

Let’s say there is glass of water and you just creaked it by dropping off, can you actually repair the glass, no matter how hard you try the scar will remain the same just over time the partner start to necklet the partner, at that stage it’s triggers patterns of disrespect, the partner will no longer support you nor he actually believes you, in a certain conversation you start to notice some disrespectful comments indirectly to the partner.

5.    Decreasing in rate of time.

Emerging of being distant from the partner talking less and short deep and heavy voice very low conversation in message and in calls giving hard time to talk and making excuses about delaying meetings makings the relationship toxic. 

6.    Jealousy 

Sometimes good sometimes bad, when partner often gives less time to his/her mate then occurs jealousy it’s actually good to be greedy for the partner but there is a way to put in relationship.It’s not uncommon to be jealous, just tell the partner about the very thing you aren’t comfortable about and will make time you.

7.    Toxic communication.

Frustration because of getting low time from partner and all the other facts, contacting partner would be fragile and make partner stressed out and make the partner speak rough and in appropriate, it’s better to stay put and the partner time to manage him/herself.

8.    Controlling behaviour.

It’s an act to isolate the the partner and exploiting them, giving ranges of emotional and negative negative feelings on the behalf of self satisfaction and making the partner emotionally weak and depressed.

9.    Lack of trust.

After counter acting with certain incidents with partner it’s is obvious to have lack of trust, the dishonesty of partner in a particular manner can make the other partner lost trust in relationship. Lost trust in a person cannot be trusted again but partner can wait for another shot to carve the trust again.

10.    Random conflict 

It’s to take a break, if there are random conflicts even in a simple short talk then you’re in a deep toxic relationship. Fights are often happens in relationship that’s occasionally can work out but when short talks becomes an intense argument it’s better to get off a little.

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