How to make good first impression.

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Many people make mistake in their first impression. They most likely present themselves who they are not or they actually make fake accents. 

Giving first impression to a person at the best is to present themselves who you are. Make yourself real and simple. Don’t show off at all they are most likely to be failed in some certain ways.

Here are some do and don’t tips that will help you out for making your first impression – 

Be positive.

Negative people grab less attention then positive one. Try not to become one. It’s very important to be positive and make positive conversation. This will help you grab positive impression on the person.

Be yourself.

People actually show up fake accents and put a lot of effort to present themselves which doesn’t helps at all. 

People really need to stop this showing off and making people to show how branded labels of clothing doesn’t give you any attractiveness. Be the one you already are, be the one that express you more about yourself.

Be open and confident. 

Don’t be shy and nervous. Be gentle and make open conversation with people. Make yourself confident in your accent and in your voice. Use mirror for learning conversation by yourself, this will help you a lot. 

Create good impression while being open.

Use small talk.

It’s your first impression so make it little point to point what you are saying. Be sense-able in your conversations and try to talk neat without hesitation. Be polite and mature your talk.

Be hygienic. 

Being and hygienic person is most important thing to do to yourself. Wearing clean clothes and and well dressed person can be confident. This will make you comfortable while having any conversation. 


Those people who smile often gets attention from other people. Smiling gives you confidence, it gives your face blow and makes you bold. Smiling people are good to hang around with. 

If you are going to start any conversation then go forward and start with a good smiling face and see what triggers in the conversation. Smiling is essential for for any conversation it will give help you improve your first impression.

Give them a good handshake. 

On the start of any introduction, make a handshake which is not too tight or lose hand. This will indicate the person that you are interested in her and delighted meeting you.

Once powerful handshake will make other person make handshake to you again and again after meeting you.

Show respect.

Be mature and think before you speak. One wrong word can make first in impression into worse one. Make them feel that you are happy to have them. Respect them and their sayings, this will helps you most in building best impression

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