How to manifest Soon?

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I am going to share success story with you , this story is all about being committed , being patience and having trust , having faith in the universe, Always remember when you put all your heart and soul into a dream or into a goal and when you do all the processes and when you raise all your vibration the universe is going to deliver your dreams for sure , you are going to manifest it for sure.

That’s what going to work for you but some times you may not see the manifestation happening right away, the moment you start doing it or the way or at the time you are expecting it may not happen at that time don’t get upset have the faith and when you go ahead that’s where it started happening once you work with the Universe,

Once you put all your energy the universe is going to deliver your dreams for sure some times it take like one month time and some times it may take one year of time , the reason can be many , may be you are not in the vibrational line maybe your energy is not aligned , or may be the things you want to manifest is not yet fully ready.

So I want to share story with you this is about one girl who want to manifest a dream job and because of some negative things that happen in her job she has to quit her earlier job and at that point she was jobless and she was unemployed and that’s the point she was going to a lot  of  negativity and then she started following the techniques and process of manifestation

She actually started feeling a lot of more positivity she actually started feeling magical and strong and during that time only she attracted a dream job , a job from company that she always wanted to work and this dream job came to her she went for the interview, the interview went really very well and everything was set.

It seems to be she is going to manifest this job and she is just waiting for offer letter but for next few month she did not heard from them she try to know the status but they say its on hold or it’s waiting or did not get anything  so when you do everything as she was doing all the processes  all the tools all the techniques everything

But things were not moving like everything was done but manifestation the final manifestation was not happening so she was big confused for a while and she was bit sad  for a while but she had believe in universe she was trusting universe  she had given all her energy all your dreams all your focus to the universe

Now it’s time for universe to deliver you some time it may takes time maybe the things you are expecting from the job is not ready there or some thing is there which is not going to give positive experience that you have that is why the universe is holding you for sometime have faith trust the universe be patient and wait for it but don’t get it into the negative more

Keep doing your processes keep doing your practices so that your energy will go high and you will manifest it, you put all the energy you put all of your drive you put all your practices you put everything into the universe and you are positively doing every thing but maybe you don’t see the physical manifestation happening in your life,

But after some time she got a offer letter from that company with more higher salary and position more then they discussed before, she had believe in universe ,she trusted universe

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