Let us understand this in terms of life not in terms of trend, not in terms of morality, not in terms of right and wrong but in terms of life, When we say in terms of life so is it true that your body has  a tremendous amount of memory? This memory is on many different levels, there is genetic memory  , there is karmic memory

There are conscious levels of memory and unconscious level of memories, articulate and inarticulate level of memories , But if your great- grand father’s nose has to sit on your face  obviously your body is carrying a very complex mechanism of memory , isn’t it? So this body if it is capable of such a complex sense of memory.

You think it is not gathering memory with  whatever you touch and feel and relate with? So it is gathering enormous amount of memory, this is how you know, how to go up the steps, how to go down the steps it look very simple but it’s not simple it’s very complex, your body has to remember otherwise it cannot go up and go down so simply.

Well, today sports people are talking about muscle memory, building memory into their system so that the sports can be executed at a certain level of efficiency , so this is not only for sport, this is not only for specific activity everyday you are imbibing so much memory.

And this memory there is certain kind of congruence to this memory, if there is certain kind of cohesiveness to this memory, this memory will become productive if there is certain level of chaos to this memory then you may know everything but this memory will work against you because it’s contradictory and conflicting within itself.

Question it self’s is coming how to move on , you ask to your friend to tell how to move on, if it didn’t matter you could have just forgotten about it and gone on like  old pair of shoes. But it matter because you invested your thought, your emotion and maybe even your body.

Once you invested these things, there is profound sense of memory about that if you create lot of contradictory memory in your system, you will see life will tell later that you will have everything but you will feel like you have nothing because it’s confused and joyless , it doesn’t have exuberance.

It’s very important young people understand the mechanism of what you have been given if this was just lump of flesh , you could have done whatever the hell you want with it but this is very sophisticated machine, if you treat it sensitively it can do things in phenomenal way

Otherwise it will do mediocre things, let’s say you nothing about computers I gave you lets say Apple air , I gave you this but you don’t know what it is you took it home and start chopping cucumbers, but isn’t it a tragedy that you are using a computer to chopping cucumber?

Nothing wrong with the cucumber but something definitely wrong with you isn’t it? Something very fundamentally wrong with you when you do not understand the significance of what you have on your hands. All significant  thing will go waste.

So before-not just other human beings, I am saying before you touch , involve  yourself in anything you must see what is the level of involvement you wish you must where do you want to take this ,you must also see what are the different impacts it will have upon you

Whether this will work well for this or work against this life you must consider otherwise you will become a loose life I am not using the word “loose” in terms of morality I am just talking about loose in terms of not able to fulfill the direction in which you wish to go In your life ,Bringing some integrity to this, intellectual integrity , emotional  integrity and physical integrity to your life is very important

Well beyond that if something goes wrong you just have to understand when you came alone, when you were born you came alone and when you die you will go alone..

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