Is It ok to Masturbate?

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Semen is of an extraordinary level of potency. You are using it to spill it on the JNU bedsheets, If that’s how you’re using it , well that’s your compulsion , We have a biology , we cannot put it under the carpet , it is there. Body has its needs As there is physical hunger , So there is sexuality but to what extent is your choice , So in the yogic culture this is called as “Viryam”.

It is one of the most potent things , Obviously it has a potency if you know how to explore. Well , in this culture we never had it but after the British came and left we became more prudish than the British, But before that if you look at our temples , all the outside temple art is all pornographic, If that’s what you want to call it.

But we don’t call it pornographic, we are only talking about the various dimensions of human biology because we don’t see it as wrong but we see it as the periphery of life. If you stay there only, you will stay on physical dimension forever , you will not explore anything else , So in the temple art always it’s the periphery , you are supposed to look at that and understand it’s the periphery of life.

And try to make an attempt to go deeper . But at the same time not to be denial of it not to glorify it or not to be in denial of it is the most important thing , But in you college watching these things on the whatever you internet or whatever , someone told me i don’t know if these percantages are correct, 70 % in the internet is pornography is it so? you must be the expert.

I said ,” 70 Percent is unreasonable and sick levels of pornography” If it occupies small percentage , it’s okay 70 Percent of technology platform which could do millions of thing unfortunately is pornographic , Just biology of life it’s very unfortunate because once you come as human being your biology is not front end of your life it is one of the part of your life.

This cerebral capability came so that your intelligence becomes the front end of your life and if you become conscious your consciousness becomes the front end of your life , Biology is the front end of a bull it’s okay for him that’s all he knows but the biology should not be the front end of a human life , it is part of our life we are not denying it.

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