Love Story Vs Sad love story

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At an engagement ceremony of Karen and George two unknown people named Jasmine and Evan met in Greece. But the interesting thing was both of love between them were from the same place in Bangladesh.

They began to talk about themselves, and with the passage of time, their relationship developed from being two unfamiliar people into a friendship.

They started meeting up with each other and spent some precious moments together. Evan fell in love with Jasmine and asked her marry him. At first, she declined him but eventually, Evan managed to convince her.

Evan was the owner of three vans and was involved in the transport business. For this reason, he had to work long hours and late into night.

When Evan arrived home he would take off his clothes and leave them here and there, he always left his shoes in front of the bed. Initially Jasmine tried to tidy up after Evan who left his things scattered everywhere.

However, after a lengthy period of time she felt that Evan was unable to change such bad habits. Every day they had a fight, which quite often turned into a raging argument regarding these issues.

One day Evan and Jasmine had a terrible fight, upon which Jasmine, having been rebuked by her husband went to her parent’s house in Greece. Here in Bangladesh Evan had to lead his depressing and frustrating life. He felt that he had made a mistake by tormenting his beloved wife.

However, it was too late because Jasmines parents had already sent the divorce papers to Evan’s house. Upon receiving, the divorce papers his heart sunk.

Even was a very sad and heartbroken man as he realized what he had done and decided to go to Greece to say sorry to his darling wife. Arriving in Greece he found that Jasmine’s parents changed their apartment. Nevertheless, Evan kept searching for her.

One day one of his friends with whom he was staying with in Greece saw Jasmine in a shopping mall, went over, and talked to her.

He tried to convince her to go back to Evan’s house. But she said that it was too late because her parents had already matched her with another man. She was soon to be married to him.

In the meantime, Evan’s friend had managed to get Jasmines new address. Then he called Evan and explained to him that he had in fact seen Jasmine and spoken with her and she had told him what was planned for her. Hearing this Evan felt like,

he had been hit directly in the chest by a bolt of lightning from out of the blue. He went to Jasmine’s new home.

When he arrived and got out of the cab, he saw that the whole building was decorated with lights and flowers. He thought that some sort of function had been arranged and that Jasmine might be busy. He thought he should come back some other time

. But when he was turning towards the gate, he saw that Jasmine was coming downstairs. Dressed in bridal clothes,

Jasmine looked beautiful and her new groom was sitting on the stage waiting for her. Evan ignored the shouts of disbelief from the man destined to marry her as he ran towards Jasmine and begged her to forgive him for the way he had treated her in Bangladesh after their marriage.

At this time Both Jasmine and Evan now realize the meaning of love saying, Love does not just mean to spend some precious moments with each other, but rather it means to always be there when your loved one needs you. I hope you have enjoyed this short but true story. To read more about making your marriage better than ever visit

Ultimately, Jasmine feels that she was going to make a mistake by marrying someone else. Therefore, she went back to Bangladesh and now they have a sweet little boy named Zhang.

What a sad love story makes you Do?

Love is everyone’s interest. Even the most hopeless person will still want to read everything about it because it lightens up their hearts and the desires that they have long been burying deep inside of them. But we can’t pause to wonder sometimes,

why are other people more attracted to the idea of a sad love story rather than one that has a happy ending? Why are they magnetized to a story like that when they can look into more of the happy side of things?

This is a questionable matter that others can’t help to think about sometimes but I guess there must be really something about it that makes them want it so much.

A sad love story gets our feelings and emotions awake. It’s like every time you try to read a part of it, your heart is tearing up and at the same time really liking what is going on. It’s a weird feeling that this kind of story about love is giving you.

There are many ways wherein a situation can be good or bad even if it’s not a happy plot at all. Situations vary and the response made by every person also differs with how that person accepts and understands the issues that are going on in the story.

Sometimes we cry even if the story is going well and sometimes we cry even if the story is about to fall into the right place. It’s a mixture of the ups and downs of our heart’s mood that gets us wanting to read or listen about them all the time.

People become excited about things in life but the interest that we have about a sad love story is incomparable to any other type of feelings; not even with a mixture of it can you tell that it’s the same.

Sad love stories are interesting real life events that touches the heart of every living person.

Truth about Sad Love Story

Falling in love is easy but leaving the one you love is hard. We never like a sad love story because we always want to picture out our love life as something that gives us purely happy thoughts. But this is never true and it will never be true if we talk about reality.

In every love life and relationships, we always learn the hard way. It’s always part of a person’s experience to fall in love and get hurt. It’s cool to know when even despite all the joy and pain you still get to be with the one you love but this does not always happen; some stories about love are just not meant to be that way.

When you think about love, you always get that sort of happy feeling. When you are in love, you get the butterflies. It’s always a great emotion that sprouts out of a lonely and incomplete heart when love begins to bloom. But when things get tougher and harder,

a different reaction is always expected. Some people think that things are always going to be smooth when it comes to their love story most especially if both persons love each other. But if we consult the reality of life, a sad love story always has a place in everyone’s lives.

The imperfection of two people involved and the imperfection of life and the world makes this a possible thing to happen.

Some people do end up with the one they love the most but they are never always happy; they get sad too. Others do not end up with the one whom they thought is meant for them but then they end up as the happiest person ever lived because they made the right choice.

A sad love story has its good and bad sides. And whatever it is, always remember that the key to keeping yourself safe and strong is accepting that even love has its downsides.

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