If you learn to be loving by your own nature not because of somebody else or something else, if you just become love. Not love somebody then you will know the nature of true love. If you love somebody it’s a fickle happening because no human being will happen a hundred percent the way you want them, Every human being on this planet is going to disappoint you, believe me.

Not because they’ll do something wrong  because nobody can fulfill the unrealistic expectation you have of them, it’s simply not possible. Have you been able to fulfill anybody’s expectation, I’m asking you, entirely, Partially.. But never entirely , isn’t it? So nobody else will be able to do it, unless you are a still such a hopeless romantic , you are still waiting that ideal person is going to come from somewhere.

No! believe me whoever comes, I want you to know the ideal people whom you worship, when Krishna was there his wives complained. Whether it’s love or these flowers or your life  your success, everything it just doesn’t happen , you have to create the necessary situations for it to happen otherwise it won’t happen isn’t it so? Is it not so? Simply it won’t happen.

If you create the necessary situations it will happen. You can’t do it yes, you can’t do love but you can make it happen that’s why you in somebody, isn’t it? To make it happen. Yes or No? If you can’t make it happen just close yourself in your house and just wait, someday somebody will come and fall in love with me that’s not going to happen you want to make it happen. To make it happen , you dress yourself in a certain way speak in a certain way , you try to be sweet to people and try to make it happen isn’t it?

So you want flowers to bloom in your house or you cultivate the land. You put the seed, you put main your water and just maintain all the conditions and wait for it to happen, it is not that making happen means you go there and open the buds and try to make it into flowers. Now that will fall apart. You allow it to happen by creatin certain situations but if you don’t create those situations it will not happen.

Is it so? If you do not create the necessary situations the flowers will no happen in your house only if you create those situations it will happen. So whether it is love or flowers in your garden or success in your life or enlightement unless you create the necessary conditions. It won’t happen. So whatever we do is not to make the flower but to create the conditions so that flowers will happen.

So whether it’s flowers in your garden or flower within you, you have to create the condition, so all we are going to do is  we have been cultivating your minds in yesterday. We started cultivating your body a little bit , we will cultivate your emotion and energy. If all these four things are properly cultivated  flowers will bloom.

If you don’t cultivate this it can not blow, that’s how it life is, with every aspect of life , you must understand a human being is longing to be something more then what they are right now, if this finds a simple basic physical expression, We called this sexuality, sexuality means just this physically you are trying to make something which is not you, a part of yourself.

For a few moments you may succeed if you try this mentally it gets labeled as greed, conquest or maybe simply shopping, some people go for conquest with swords and guns , some people go with cheque and cash, you know credit cards. The thing is you want to include something which is not a part of you as yourself that is the whole effort.

Whether you want money or wealth or you want to occupy a nation. What is it? Something that is not you ,you want to make it yours. Yours is an effort to make it a part of yourself if it happens emotionally  on the emotional level if you try this, We call this love affair, you are trying to make somebody who is not a part of you, apart of yourself emotionally. This is a love affair.

If you do it consciously ,we call this yoga , yoga means union. So, all these efforts are fine everything has its own beauty but has its  own limitation. When you understand the limitations of all the other methods, nothing right or wrong about it, It is just that it will work briefly it will not work for always.

When you realize that you consciously try to include, when you consciously become an inclusive process, if you sit here, if you experience everything as yourself then we say you are yogi, So, this is love affair , successful. See because you are looking at love as something that comes to you or you yield to the process of love,

Only because you appreciate a particular quality , a shape of somebody’s nose or the shape of their mind or their thought or their emotion or the way they speak, or the way they do things  or the way they relate to you, something, okay? There are many many things. It is based on something that is acceptable to you.

If they do something that is not acceptable to you, love crumbles , Now what I’m saying is I want you to look at this  whether love happens to you or hate happens to you anger happens to you, misery happens to you, joy happens to you it only happens within you, isn’t it? It is never people say love in air, no. because you are feeling very pleasant your emotions, suddenly air feels Vibrant.

It always been you missed it all your life, now you are beginning to feel it. So whatever human experience, love or hate whatever happens only within you, what am I saying is atleast what happens within you most happen by your choice consciously you must be able to make it happen.

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