Stages of dating.

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Stages of dating –

Stage 1. Attraction and romance.

Stage 2. Reality.

Stage 3. Commitment.

Stage 4. Intimacy.

Stage 5. Engagement.

For instance, every relationship has its base on which the relationship grows and becomes more stronger by the time. These stages makes relationship more powerful and happier throughout the time. These stages of dating are attraction, reality, commitment, intimacy, and reality, engagement. Through these stages you will get to know your partner’s commitment towards relationship.

Every relationship has it’s own potential and it’s potential helps the relationship goes more smoothly throughout the journey. The relationship has many stages, but given the fact that without any commitment or showing any potential the relationship may go to other direction. Relationship also has to have its power of bonding with your partner. Stages cannot be developed in the relationship when there no such strong bonding or commitment.

Well, there one more thing which is online dating. The dating make many thing easier and makes work fast for relationship. But there is a catch, relationship in online datings are more easier and sometimes more fast then ever. Online dating just lack Virtual communication. 

Some of the experts believe that there are total 5 different stages of dating process. These five stages are:

  • Attraction and romance.
  • Reality
  • Commitment.
  • Intimacy.
  • Engagement.
Stages of dating.

These types of stages gives you variety of new experience in the relationship. As the matter of fact these stages makes couples bonding more stronger by the time. 

Stage one : Attraction.

The first stage and the powerful stage of the relationship. This stage is the base of a relationship. In this stage your newfound partner seems perfect during this time. Where ever you met your partner it just seems exciting, thrilling and beautiful all the time. This happens gradually and you begin to know each other, this may last for some few months to about few years. 

Stage two : Reality.

While some couples may make it past the first stage of dating, most online dating relationships never survive the second stage. The reality phase in dating may creep in slowly during your relationship and may last up to six months. This stage signals the end of “the honeymoon phase”. Obviously, this is when you usually have your “first fight”. However, should you choose to accept each other’s flaws and look beyond them, you can progress to the next level.

Stage Three: Commitment.

The third stage of dating is about sole commitment. Should they make it through the second stage, this is the phase where lovers express a desire to start seeing each other exclusively. That means, they stop seeing other people. This also means accepting such a person’s goals, wants, and needs. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the stage when they start having sex. It’s so much more. Rather, this stage of dating involves both partners agreeing to commit to each other regardless of circumstances. 

Stage Four: Intimacy.

The end of the commitment stage ushers in the fourth stage of dating – the intimacy phase. This stage involves watering and nourishing the true love that has been cultivated. After two people have bonded with each other, this is when they are ready to experience the essence of true love. Once you have decided to go into a committed relationship with your partner, this is where you let your guard down. This means opening up to your partner and becoming vulnerable without holding anything back. Even in online dating, you can only experience true intimacy when you hide nothing from each other.

Stage Five: Engagement.

This is the final stage of dating. It is at this point where the couple ultimately decides to bring a commitment to another level. For some, it is the stage where they decide to do it for life. That implies that the couple decides to commit their souls and bodies to their significant other forever against all odds. Moreover, they agree to work together inclusively as they make plans for a fruitful future. Usually, most users of dating sites often aim at attaining this phase. However, sadly, not everyone does attain this. This is often due to irreconcilable differences along the journey of online dating.

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