Surviving Teenage Love Problems

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Teenagers and adults tend to handle things differently in certain situations, and dealing with breakups is certainly no different. Some of the greatest advice that can be offered to teenagers dealing with breakups can be found on the net, because there are teens all over the world that are discovering the lessons of love the difficult way, by losing the people they cared about to breakups.

If you are a teenager and you have been newly separated from your boyfriend or your girlfriend, then you are in all probability feeling heartbroken right now, which is merely anticipated no matter how old you are. Luckily, you have plenty of living ahead of you, and you will meet a surprising amount of wooers in your life that are better suited for you. Everyone goes through with love and loss, and while it is unpleasant to begin so young, you can and will move on from this time of heartbreak.

Here is some staple advice for teens dealing with breakups and the related heartbreak.

– Do not try to rekindle things with your ex instantly. The best way to show your ex that you are worth getting back together with is to play it cool and let him or her think that you’re coming along just fine without them. Play it cool by acting like you’re having a good time and hanging out with friends, and that you do not need your ex to enjoy yourself.

– The initial flow of time that occurs after a breakup can be tough, and you might feel lured to get back with your ex, but you need to let your emotions lighten up first so as to come off as calm and cool rather than needy and desperate. If you act urgently, this will in reality greatly diminish your ability to get things going with your ex again in the future.

– The safest plan to pursue is to stop continually calling, texting and trying to see your ex. Move on, or at least facilitate the appearance that you are moving on. Play hard to get. Play it cool. Let your ex produce the needy and desperate feelings rather than exhibiting them yourself.

– Get out of your house and see other people. Spend time with friends, meet new people, and have fun. Let your ex see that you are having fun and getting along just fine. Don’t be afraid to flirt a little.

This will work wonders for your self esteem and your damaged feelings, and will produce a little bit of jealousy in your ex. Let your ex simmer for a while, and you will begin looking much more attractive to him or her in no time at all.

Nonetheless, a word of forethought with this specific word of advice, for teens dealing with breakups; don’t overdo the “jealousy factor” as it can easily backfire on you.

– Take things slow. Even if your purpose is to get things going with your ex, the breakup is going to have created residual feelings of heartbreak, so you need to repair your heart before you strike up any relationship, ex or not.

To sum up this advice for teenage love problems, use your common sense and keep your emotions under control. By doing so you will find that the clock will be your best friend as your heart heals itself.

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